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Solar System Parameters

MercuryVenusEarthMarsJupiterSaturn UranusNeptunePluto
Mass (1024 kg)
0.33024.8695.9750.64191,898.6568.4686.83 102.430.0125
Equatorial Radius (km)
243960526378339371,49260,26825,559 24,7661137
Mean Density (kg/m3)
5,4275,2045,5203,9331,326687 1,3181,6382,050
Orbital Distance (106km)
57.9108.2149.6227.9778.31427.02869.6 4496.64913.5
Orbital Period (days)
87.969224.7365.25686.984330.610,747 30,58859,80090,591
Rotational Period (hours)
1407.65832.5 (ret.)23.93424.629.9210.517.24 (ret.)16.11153.3 (ret.)
Average Surface Temperature (K)
Surface Pressure
10-15 bars92 bars1.014 bars0.008 bars>>100 bars>>100 bars>>100 bars>>100 bars3 microbars
Atm. Comp.
98% He 2% H296.5% CO2, 3.5% N278% N2, 21% O2, 1% H2O95.32% CO2, 2.7% N289% H2, 11% He89% H2, 11% He89% H2, 11% He89% H2, 11% He meth, N2

Satellite Parameters (Jupiter, Earth, Pluto)

Jupiter: IoJupiter: EuropaJupiter: GanymedeJupiter: CallistoEarth: MoonPluto: Charon
Mass (1020 kg)
Radius (km)
Mean Density (kg/m3)
Orbital Distance (103 km)
Orbital Period (days)

Other Useful Parameters

Air1.2 kg/m3
Water or Ice1000 kg/m3
Typical Rocks3000 kg/m3
Metal at High Pressure10,000 kg/m3