Interesting Links

Gravity, Wave structure of matter, Physics related sites

The Larson Research Centre
The Unquantum Effect by Eric Reiter
Caroline Thompson's Physics
Platonic solids & other polyhedral animations and info
ETI Publications - mostly HE Puthoff work
Maurice Allias work on anisotropy of space
Prof.K.Oliver Manuel on Iron rich Sun
The speed of Gravity by Tom Van Flandern
The Quantum Universe by Milo Wolff
Space & motion and WSM by Geoff Haselhurst
Matter is made of waves by Gabriel LaFreniere
Gravity & Space
California Institute for Physics & Astrophysics
Gravity & Earth resonance
Gravitation Scientific Journal
Hasslberger Homepage
Rex Research
Theory of Everything by Dan Fitzpatrick
Institute for New Energy
Major De Seversky's Ionocraft
The Elastic Continuum Theory by G.S. Sandhu
Fran De Aquino Page
Veljko Milkovic pendulum effect
Chris Hardeman experiment by JLN
High voltage Engineering lecture
Electrogravity site
Gravity Concepts page
Einstein vs Classical mechanics (e-book)
Divine Cosmos (e-book)
The Museum of Unworkable Devices
Hans Peter on Perpetual Motion
New Energy Technology Wiki
Kevin T. Kilty on Perpetual motion
Eric's history of Perpetual motion

EHD theoretical sites

The Corona Phone - Villanova University
Lifter theory - Evgenij Barsoukov
Plasma Propulsion - Henri Bondar
Warp Coil Concepts
EPPDyL Princeton University NJ
Ether Sciences
Thomas Townsend Brown
Back Engineered Alien Tech (not the usual UFO site)
Faraday Labs (New Alexander Frovlov page)
Perdue University ion wind argument
Searl Effect Technology
Mechanical space drive US patents

Software tools and References

Working Model 2D
The best 2D mechanical simulator package - free download

Engineer's Periodic table
Our new Periodic table packed with engineering info for each element

Wolfram Research
Very comprehensive online Physics encyclopedia

General Science Journal
Scientific journal not restricted to mainstream scientific articles

Journal of Theoretics
Non profit organization devoted to the advancement of science (service suspended but back issues are all in archive)

Archive of Japan Journals
Huge archive of lots of scientific work from Japan

Natural Philosophy Alliance
Organization devoted to fully open minded crtisism and the replacement of today's unrealistic doctrines with much sounder ones based on evidence and objectivity. All scientific papers are free. Physics
Basic physics - covers most topics

Cramster Physics Help
Free membership, lectures and problem solutions

Science Park
Easy to follow advanced level science

The NIST Reference
Accurate values for constants and units

Solar sytem planet data
Parameters for planets in our solar system

FAQ in High school Physics
General FAQ on many interesting physics topics

Free Patents Search & download engine
Excellent to view any patent in a single pdf file!

US Patents Search engine
View any US patent.

Equipotential Surfaces
3D Software for colleges and high schools for the visualization of equipotential surfaces and electric field lines with topographic view and deals with many kinds of charges (dotive, linear, page.. sphere, dielectric)

Periodic Table of elements
Very comprehensive periodic table

NIST Element data
Online element data

National Phsical Laboratory
Physics and Chemistry topics

Dielectric constants list
Very comprehensive list of dielectric constants of elements

Nuclide Information table
Binding energy table

STGE Alloy Phase diagrams
Large Collection of alloy phase diagrams

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