My EHD Thruster Collection

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs Research

The 2 stage cascade hexagonal type - designed 25/01/02

Two vertically stacked hexagonal style thrusters. Half a 'Kinder' egg (0.5g) on top used as container for loads. Air gap between foils is 50-55 mm, foil is 20 mm each. Note round smooth edge on top side of foil and sharp edge on lower side of each foil. Note that leg supports are not decorative, they are necessary to minimise field effects between the lower edge of the lower foil and the table, even if used on an insulated base. This thruster weighs 11g and lifts an additional weight of 19g, including weight of container. Top wire and bottom foil are positive (connected together), the middle foil is negative.

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Electronic balance used to measure load which goes in the Kinder capsule.

Hexagonal EHD thruster, lifting the 4 nuts. It is secured to table by 3 strings, limiting lift distance to a few cm. I hate the idea of a high voltage device falling on my head during the experiments.. You may also note that I have elongated 3 of the lower legs on this prototype, to obtain better thrust from ground position.

Tried to get a better picture showing the load inside the capsule and the shadow that shows it lifting (note shadows of its legs).

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Thruster side view flying.

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