Unified Theory Foundations

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs

Gravity explained

It is frightening to think that we are ourselves being reconstructed all the time by dielectric elements, and you may ask, what about if I am not reconstructed during the next second? Or, what if a mistake happens during reconstruction? The answer is that unless there is a space-time void or discontinuity, reconstruction is a perfect process done with no energy input expense. Input energy may however effect reconstruction, for example in a growing living cell, or an accelerating field. Continous space-time volume can also be considered to be elastic, and if a dielectric volume has a non-linear shape, it will need external energy to be applied to a moving object within it, or on the opposite, release energy during reconstruction. This means that there would be an imbalance of forces between the electromagnetic elements in front and those behind the object. In such cases, objects at rest may not remain at rest, and moving objects may not continue in their straight path & constant velocity. The force we call gravity is one such case. In such a field, the energy needed to reconstruct an object in the higher flux density direction is less than that required to reconstruct the surrounding dielectric behind the object. Thus an object will move with no external energy applied towards the higher flux density.

To visualise the effect of non-linear electromagnetic element volume (space-time) at a centre of gravity, imagine the surface of a rubber sheet with a uniform grid drawn on it, and visualise the grid when the rubber is pulled down at a point below its surface. Such bending of space-time is a result of this non-linearity of the parameters present in the dielectric volume. One method of generating a non-linear dielectric volume is to expose the whole dielectric volume under concern to a non -linear electric field, with the 'centre of gravity' being the centre of highest electric field flux density.

An example of this is our planet, which has a non-linear electric field gradient with its highest gradient near the surface. Linear gravity does not exist, gravitational force is always non-linear (an-isotropic) pointing towards its centre. That is earth's g=9.8 at ground level, but decreases at higher altitudes. Linear gravity results in a linear space-time and is the same as zero gravity. Similarly, an electromagnetic element exposed to a linear force field will reconstruct the objects in it at zero energy transfer. However, when exposed to a non-linear force field, an object moving within it will experience a force imbalance in the direction of the highest force flux density. So the attraction of matter to centres of gravity is not a result of matter itself, but of the spacetime 'stretching' and 'compression' infront and behind the moving object. A massless dielectric, that is space itself, would still be 'accelerated' towards the point of easier reconstruction. The mass movement is just an indication of movement of its electromagnetic constituents.

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