Unified Theory Foundations

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs

The Elementary Entity
Dielectric element

Any point in space may be completely defined by its position at a particular time. Any macro entity may be considered to be made up of a very large number of smaller entities, which in turn are made up of smaller entities. This kind of entity nesting does not go to infinity, but a lower limit exist, where the entities are of the smallest possibe size, equivalent to Planck length, and we will refer to these as elementary entities. Each entity is unique, and does not need to include any 'particle properties', that is, even vacuum is composed of elementary entities. What makes one macro entity different from another, is its structural shape. The basic requirements for this entity to exist are space and time.

Space and time are themselves an electrically oscillating circuit in space, and fill our universe, including what we refer to as vacuum. These can handle different, but discrete, values of energy, frequency and polarisation values. Permittivity e defines the elasticity of the elements whilst permeability m defines their inertial property. Later on it will be mathematically shown that all these parameters boil down to different relations between space & time. Macro elements (such as electrons, atoms, and particles of 'matter') can be accomodated in such elements by filling up the above parameters with those of the macro structure. Note that a mass is not tangible, and if one has to disassemble a mass he will end up with these elementary entities which are all but electrical entities.

The hunt of scientists for the smallest existing atomic particle is a lost battle, because there is no such thing. Increasing the power of zooming in matter will just show that dielectric elements can be infinetely small, and are in fact electrical in nature. The fact that we can 'feel' most 'massive' macro entities, such as a large number of atoms, is only a reaction of forces (electrically accounted for) between our own bodies' entity structure and the object structure. We have to accept the fact that matter is just a complex structure of electromagnetic elementary entities, even the electron itself.

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