The Particle - The wrong turn that led physics to a dead end

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs

Black Hole within matter
The matter-antimatter interface core

Considering the atom as multiple nesting of 3D platonic solids, all rotating as a single object, gives us a whole new clearer picture of how the atom looks like, and explains in a more obvious way many rules which had to be adopted without any previous plausible reason.

Each of the outer spherical shells circumscribed by the outer platonics is analogous to electron energy levels or shells in the conventional model. Inner spherical shells represent various known (and unknown) conventional particles, the smaller the shell, the shorter the platonic edge length, the higher the frequency of its vibration and thus the higher its energy level, frequency and 'mass'.

If one looks closer to this new model however, one can notice that at the very centre of any atom, there will always exist a platonic whose side lengths are equal to Planck's length, and whose inscribed spherical volume CANNOT nest any further platonic shape, in fact it cannot nest anything at all, since units of wavelength (space) and time are meaningless within such a volume. This is not vacuum, since we know that EM waves CAN be handled in vacuum. This 3D volume is in fact NOT a space time volume, it behaves very similarly to a black hole and is NOT REAL. This means that unlike Wolff's assumption about wavecentres, the ingoing waves never reach to a single centre point, but a central sphere whose natural resonance wavelength is equal to plank's length.

We know that a black hole is a region of space whose attractive gravitational force is so intense that no matter, light, or communication of any kind EXCEPT GRAVITY can escape. This means that two stars on opposite sides of a black hole can never 'see' (property of EM radiation) each other but would still 'feel' (property of gravity) each others gravitational force!. A black hole would thus appear black from the outside real world. However, gas around a black hole can be very bright, indicating an elevated energy level at its periphery.

Returning back to our atom model, this small 3D sphere, of which one is present in every standing wave structure (particle), has a very special purpose, and is the only interface between the real and imaginary components of the standing wave, will similarly look black, and will be surrounded by the highest energy level within the atom. As we shall see this spherical core of sub-quantum dimensions has a special function within matter. But at this point we must explore the imaginary world of the particle nature.

Most of you have one time or another worked with imaginary terms, or complex numbers. Conventional physics makes use all the time of imaginary components for voltage, impedance, currents, permittivity, permeability, refractive index, but no one ever stops thinking of the consequences of the existence of these terms, in terms of our restricted 4 dimensional space-time universe.

As with normal travelling EM waves, standing EM waves have an 'imaginary' component equivalent to an imaginary mass, as in the square-root of (-1), times its real mass (jm). Imaginary particles are not something new to physics, although most textbooks barely mention them due to lack of knowledge, and because they have never been (and can never be) isolated. For example, it is known that the anti-electron or positron has exactly the same mass as a regular electron, but has a positive charge and negative entropy, rather than a negative charge and positive entropy. The anti-proton has the same mass as a regular proton, but carries a negative electric charge and opposite entropy. There are also quarks and anti-quarks which carry opposite color-charge, but otherwise are identical to regular quarks. Anti-neutrinos carry opposite 'neutrino-charge' from ordinary neutrinos. As Feynman correctly described, these imaginary particles are as real as the real counterparts but travel backwards in time. This statement may be confusing at first but it's just about the simplest & best description one could could come up with for these particles. These antiparticles are not to be found as a cluster in somepart of the universe. Some people think that such clusters, of antimatter are being formed elsewhere in the universe, whilst leaving all real particles clustered in our own universe. This is totally wrong as the anitparticle is just the mirror image of the particle travelling in a reverse time direction - something we humans cannot ever experience.

We have no idea how regular matter and 'imaginary' or anti matter interact, but all forces between real and imaginary matter involving their mass would be 'imaginary', rather than 'real', forces which means that the big chances are there are no effects from one onto the other, gravitationally. This would not be true if their interaction is passed through an imaginary function medium, that is a medium which looks like a mirror to both the imaginary and real sides. In such a case, an imaginary mass through an imaginary function would result in a real effect on the real mass (j x j x m = 1m), and a real mass through an imaginary function would result in an imaginary effect on the imaginary mass!(1 x j x jm = 1m).

From the Spacetime conversion table we know that all physics parameters, including those known to have both real and imaginary components, can be described in terms of Space (length) and Time. For this to remain mathematically consistent, both space and time must handle both real and imaginary components. The terms +j and -j do not mean that the component is orthogonal to the left or right of the real vector. That is in real 3D space, the vector jx is not equivalent to either y nor to z. Same applies to time. This means that our 4D space-time model is not even enough to handle our known physics, since both space and time are normally being assumed 100% real, which is definetely not the case.

It is about time, that both mathematical and scientific analysis give more importance and meaning to all imaginary terms. In multitudes of important derivations, in both maths and physics, we find imaginary roots and solutions literally dropped off or disregarded, just because they are not real. Disregarding imaginary components in the physical world has serious consequences and is what makes things look to behave weird or showing overunity. If one does not fully understand that the imaginary components EXIST as much as the real components, he may be easily tricked, and could never for example, explain why a seemingly genuine overunity device can never be made self running.

The implications are rather obvious, an imaginary space-time dimension has to be defined along with the four real space-time dimensions to fully represent all physics parameters. This shall upgrade all physics units into a set of space-time dimensions, one with real and the other with imaginary, resulting into at least one complex 4 dimension space time. This requires no major change in physics, but from thereoff, ALL quantities have to be assumed to be complex values, that is, have BOTH REAL & IMAGINARY COMPONENTS of space-time.

As I have illustrated above, the centre of each particle of matter cannot be defined as a dimensionless point but one which inscribes a spherical solution singularity (another platonic), in which real wavelengths and real time do not fit.

As we have seen in the fractal description of the most inner part of the nucleus, the mirror core required to perfectly get a mirror image for the tetrahedron must have the shape of an octahedron. And you must also keep in mind that such octahedron is in itself a solution of an incoming and outgoing spherical waves, that is a spherical standing wave. This octahedron core is illustrated by one of the nice models from Gayla Chandler which shows the complement shape of the two interlaced tetrahedrons (the tetrahedron and its reflection, or antiparticle counterpart). The imaginary component of matter can be visualised as being the exact mirror image of its real counterpart, being reflected through this interface core. Similarly to the real side, the imaginary component is made up of imaginary rotating platonics, and the central interface core has the same size as that in the real matter. Thus the virtual particle is on one side and the real particle is on the other side of this spherical volume. Although, the two spheres seem to occupy the same spherical volume, they are not, and the 'mirror surface' at the centre is real on the real side and imaginary on the virtual side, it has 3 dimensions of its own, but it's not a space volume but rather an interface.

Each particle has got this mirror core at the centre, which cannot be defined in terms of our known space-time dimensions, and so it is independant of both time and length. Now, we define two different points in space by their location, and the only way to do that is to define the distance from each other. If we imagine that each of two independent particle cores are forming part of a time independent gigantic mirror, how could we measure the distance between these cores if their dimension is less than any measureable dimension? You cannot. This means that such mirror cores within two separate particles cannot be identified from one another, are separated by a non-measureable distance apart, and from our 4D point of view can thus be considered as the same entity existing from beginning to end of our time. Also, the time taken for light to travel from one such core to the other cannot be measured because light cannot travel without a time dimension.

This has various implications in the real world. It means that all matter in the universe is interfacing or communicating with its virtual matter through the same medium, and that all matter in the universe communicates through the same singularity which has no time dimension. This medium is responsible for the instantaneous action noticed even at astronomical distances between two masses, and also for the EPR experimental evidence, and the lack of aberration of gravitational force. Such theory may finally give significance to the gravitational constant which seems to depend on the total mass of particles within the whole universe, which is of course interfacing through this single entity.

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