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Sacred Geometry
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Charles R. Henry , professor at the Dept. of Sculpture, Virginia Commonwealth University, in 1977 had discovered one stacking structure and viewpoint that produced a very convincing image of an archetypal human face. This structure of 10 spheres (two 5-ball pyramids) forming a cluster is shown here.

Later, he realized that the most natural structure for enclosing would be another 10 sphere, two pyramid structure that would totally enclose a smaller but similar cluster. After working out the math he found that by multiplying the inner sphere's diameters by Pi gives the dimension for the outer sphere's diameters as shown here. One sphere is removed from the outer cluster to reveal the inner cluster. However, the inner cluster must be upside down with respect to the outer cluster to fit inside. The expansion by Pi reinforces the suspicion that this 10 sphere cluster is a fundamental unit that is linked to the properties of three dimensional space.

Close-packed reflective spheres clustered in this concentric shell structure produce an optical distribution network that links the Golden Mean and Pi. The Golden Mean is expressed in the 52 degree angle pyramid structure and Pi is expressed in the ratio of the diameter to the circumference of each sphere of course; but it is also expressed in the ratio of the sizes of spheres in the ten-spheres-within-ten-spheres concentric shell structure that he discovered. This concentric shell structure could continue to expand with many shells and still retain the same ratio between shells.

R. Henry has rediscovered some of what was a highly developed understanding of mankind's relationship to the Universe, and this knowledge was utilized and documented in the geometry of ancient structures, with its origins probably dating back prior the last ice age. Sacred Geometry, the study of the unity of the cosmos, demonstrates relationships between Number and Space and the Human Form. It was used in the construction of ancient glyphs and monuments thereby aiming at preserving the knowledge of these principles of Natural Law for future generations. This construction of reflective spheres may embody the technology that produced the animated images of the deities in the temples of antiquity.

Here we see a picture of a DNA. Looks familiar doesn't it? One question that becomes obvious to a highly developed human generation, is obviously 'How can we pass on all of our scientific knowledge in case of a cataclysm'. It is believed that such cataclysms have occured more than once in the past, probably wiping off each time whole human generations with all their knowledge. Unfortunately, it is beleived that these generations have either left no signs of their knowledge, or no traces were left of these. However, it is more probable that in our ignorance we are still not able to find and understand their messages, which might have been well visible to us for many years.

A few years ago Feynman, a great scientist of the past century, stated that the message he would have passed for the continuation of all our present knowledge would have been 'all things are made up of atoms- little particles that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another'. Indeed, such a statement would at the least accelerate the development of technology in such a situation, but what if we could convey a message showing the true geometric mechanism of the atom and the whole universe? Would that convey much more information? The next stage to convey the message is to convert it into a universal syntax, for generations separated by thousands of years from each other would certainly not communicate in the same way or language.

Mathematics is a universal language, and the easiest way to convert any message into a mathematical format is to change it into a geometric shape. The problem of any shape surviving a cataclysm has to be well addressed and two obvious solutions are (a) make the shape as rigid and visible as possible, and (b) replicate the shape on various parts of the earth's surface.

The pyramid as a model of the mechanism as desribed by my theory, requires us to visualize an octahedron by a regular pyramid and an inverted pyramid joined together at the base and surrounded by a sphere. This, in effect, is a 3D representation of the innermost core as stated in this theory, depicted by the Hermetic Principle "as above; so below.", a principle which somehow, mainly through various old religious beleifs, has survived through the ages. Another fascinating feature of some of the pyramidal structures is that they contain a broad, thick layer of mica, which had to be brought from Brazil, over 2000 miles away! Mica, is very flaky and fragile, yet it was brought in very large pieces from great distances (supposedly without wheeled vehicles). Then the mica was used on an inner layer of the pyramid, not where it could be seen. Why? Was this only a representation or a working model? Indeed, if we look carefully around the world we do find a few, but very similar geometric structures, which really tell us that a lot of work to convey scientific knowledge of an earlier unknown and technologically advanced human generation has been attemped, before known history began.

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