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This website describes new scientific theories and original research backed up by experimental tests on topics which in my opinion, are by far incomplete in mainstream science. Many questions such as what is gravity, what defines mass, what is matter and antimatter have no clear answer. We also explore known scientific anomalies and unravel them in order to show how different branches of mainstream science may be simplified and unified into one theory. Quoting Max Planck :

'Whenever a physical theory is revised or transformed, it is revealed that, nearly always, the observation of one or several facts which could not fit within the framework of the theory in its then current form is at the base of the changes. The facts always remain the keystone on which the stability of any theory depends, no matter how important it may be...For a theoretician really worth of the name, it may be said in passing that nothing could be more interesting than a fact which runs counter to a theory until then held to be sound; for him, the real work begins at that point.'

Website Overview

Food For Thought is a compilation of revolutionary theories which to my knowledge have not been tackled by conventional physics teaching, and in some cases contradict mainstream physics. Sadly enough, once a certain way of viewing things has won over the opposing theories, a paradigm is cemented and enshrined as something untouchable, even if experiments seem to invalidate its very foundations. It is unfortunate that most books and colleges seem to suggest that the existing explanations of science are final and that after reading the whole book or finishing his course of study, the student should go away satisfied with his wisdom. In reality, both foundations and frontiers of science are still very unclear even to the best scientists around. It is often easy to find out 'what' happens, but much more difficult to understand 'why' it happens. In fact if one would go into such details, he won't find the answers in any of our present textbooks. Would you believe that in our space age, we do not know what friction and gravity really are? Equations are most often than not, empirically derived, and lack fundamental understanding of the actual mechanism of the problem. We will here investigate some of the 'wrong turns' taken by our teachers, with emphasis to the 'hard particle' and 'gravity' paradigms. Here we also investigate very interesting topics as the relation between waves and particles, sonoluminescence, platonic solids, nucleus fractal, sacred geometry, higher dimensional space, dual nature of light, and also propose a new atomic model. A Unified Theory or better, its foundation, is presented for the first time by cleaning up our present SI system of units and building a new unified system based on space and time interactions. The EMRP theory presented seamlessly unifies gravity with electromagnetism, whilst the VPM nuclear model explains all phases of matter. Unlike some other scientists, I want my knowledge to reach all science explorers all over the world, get feedback and improve upon the proposed ideas, and that's why I put all this knowledge for free, and not restrict it to those who can afford to buy my books or papers.

EHD Thrusters research section contains a series of experimental EHD Thrusters or propulsion devices, also known as ionocrafts and lifters, that do not use conventional methods for thrust. They still obey all Newton's laws of motion but they do not need to carry their thrusting fuel. In general, EHD thursters have an air ioniser in the form of a fine wire, fixed at a small distance (few cm) over the collector, usually in the form of an aluminium plate of foil with smooth round edge at the upper part. The thrusting mechanism is called Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) and is provided by the well known Coulomb's law of electrostatics acting on ion clouds, and by the law of conservation of momentum, by which it transfers momentum of these accelerating clouds to neutral air molecules. As you can read in Lifters in vacuum, lifters are not antigravity or electrogravity devices. Unfortunately the general lack of information on their mechanism has resulted in these devices being claimed (and also sold!) as antigravity science kits. These devices are able to lift their own weight and even additional payload. Our aim is to find the best design & materials to construct the most powerful unit EHD cell in the smallest possible space and explain in full how it works. Blaze Labs autonomous thruster project provides a full theoretical model in order to develop an efficient high power thruster capable of carrying its own power supply & also extra payload. Please note that these devices use very high voltages (>30kV) and experience in handling high voltage equipment is a must. We are not responsible if you get killed!

New energy Research section is devoted to new, renewable energy sources. The world currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable, that is, they draw on finite resources that will eventually dwindle, becoming too expensive or too environmentally damaging to retrieve. In contrast, renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and hydrogen based energy conversions are constantly replenished and non polluting. We investigate both hydrogen and zero point energy systems, the best two candidates for a non polluting alternative energy source. Hydrogen can be found in many organic compounds, as well as water. It's the most abundant element on the Earth, and is by far the most abundant element on all other planets. But unfortunately, on Earth, it doesn't occur naturally as a gas. It's always combined with other elements, such as with oxygen to make water. Once separated from another element, hydrogen can be burned as a fuel or converted into electricity. In this section we will also show you how easily one can efficiently generate clean burning gas fuels which can in most cases directly replace the present fuels with minor modifications of the engine or machine using them, converting the same into pollution-free devices. We also experimentally explore the possibility of extraction of zero point energy. We are virtually surrounded by a dynamic fabric of space time, whose energy can be theoretically tapped to do useful work. Our new-energy project Ixion is aimed to achieve this very challenge.

Experiments section demonstrates some of my ideas implemented in practice, with the aim of supporting the same theories. The sole validation test of any idea is experiment. The most efficient tool for perpetuating the current paradigm and for avoiding any change, has been the so-called peer review system. Originally peer review procedure was aimed to ensure consistent high quality of published papers, but more often than not, the review procedure is in effect dumping the work of those scientists that do not concord with the current paradigms, and thus effectively prevents change and progress in science. With such a system, not even the peer reviewed papers are that easy to acquire, since most often than not, copies of these papers have to be paid for. Luckily, the exchange of information through the internet is helping us to overcome the information exchange bottleneck created by the peer review scientific press. I believe that knowledge should be free for all. I hope my website may also contribute to open some minds to the fact that sometimes there is a need to disregard present paradigms and start thinking all over from a new point of view. My aim is thus to provide you with new raw ideas & experimental proof of new fundamentals, thus initiating your thinking process, and where possible setting up small experiments for anyone to replicate the results.

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Original Research Material
All material in the 'Food for thought' section is original research material, and inherently speculative in nature. Original research is research that is not exclusively based on a summary, review or synthesis of earlier publications on the subject of research. This material is mainly of a primary source character. Unlike most books and encyclopedias, the purpose of original research is to produce new knowledge in its raw form, rather than to present the existing knowledge. These sections are mainly intended to motivate the thinking process of the reader and are definitely not intended to be used as reference by students during their course of studies. The material is mainly oriented toward those open minded people who have finished their mainstream course of studies and would like to do further advanced research on those topics in which mainstream science leaves much to desire.

Copyright Information
Unless otherwise noted, all material on this site are copyright Blaze Labs Research. The material available through this site may be used, by permission, for attributed non-commercial, educational purposes only. In such cases, we ask that due credit and a short e-mail notification be given to the author. A direct link to the original page from which the content is taken, is also required. Please refrain from quoting our work in places where original research is banned.
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Most of the experiments described on this site make use of high voltages & ionising radiation generating devices, and/ or toxic material. The author assumes no liability for any incidental, consequential or other liability from the use of this information or from attempts to replicate any part of the work described within this site. All risks and damages, incidental or otherwise, arising from the use or misuse of the information contained herein are entirely the responsibility of the user. Although careful precautions has been taken in the preparation of this material, we assume no responsibility for any omissions or errors.